"Stay, play, snore...repeat."

an in-your-home pet sitting service...

Pet Sitting in Las Vegas

We are an in-your-home service only. No Boarding.

The Dog Sitter

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The Dog Sitter in Las Vegas focuses on providing professional and loving care in your home for your four-legged family members. We offer pet sitting services, cat sitting, overnight visits, potty breaks, dog walking services, and administering both injections and subcutaneous fluids.


Our Goals
1. To make sure your pets are comfortable and safe & almost as happy as when you are home.
2. Provide exceptional service to all clients, both human and four-legged.

Call today to book The Dog Sitter in Las Vegas 702.685.7252

​​​​Our Services  

  • pet sitting services - from $20

  • cat sitting services - from $20

  • ​potty breaks - from $15

  • dog walking services - from $20​​​

  • overnights - $80

  • insulin injections - $5

  • subcutaneous fluids (SQ) - $15 w/visit

pet sitting . potty breaks . dog walking . overnights

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