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Dog Sitting (Multispecies)

Do you have a puppy or elderly pet that needs multiple visits? We will visit your pet(s) two, three, or four times a day depending on you and your pet's individual needs. Service includes feeding, water refill, litter scooping and/or waste removal. Basic house duties included. Rates are per visit. Oral meds administration is free. We have a licensed vet technician on our team who can administer pet insulin injections and/or subcutaneous fluids (SQ). 25-30 minutes.

Dog Visits (1 dog)                     $21     Each addl dog - $1/visit
Mixed Species Visits (1 pet)        $21      Each addl pet - $1/visit
​Insulin Injections (at visit)          $5

*We would be happy to spend more time with your pet. Please ask about extended time rates at your initial consultation.
Do you have your own zoo? If you have 7 or more pets, give us a call for rates.

We do not accept animals that have shown aggression towards humans. 

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