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"Annie is extra happy when I came home Monday and Wednesday. 
Thank you!" Kathryn V. Feb. 28, 2018 via Happiness Survey

"Best pet sitters in the world :-)" and "Exceptional as always :-) Tara gives 4 paws up!!!" Sandy W. Feb. 27, 2018 & Jan. 24, 2018 via Happiness Survey

"I had an emergency and on such short notice she was able to help me out and take care of my cat. I can't thank her enough for coming to my aid and helping me out of a stressful situation. I know my fur baby is in good hands!!" Stacy W. Feb. 19, 2018 via Happiness Survey

"Highly recommend The Dog Sitter to everyone. Great! Great!" Great! Delia T. November 29, 2017 via Happiness Survey

"The service/ help from everyone that is offered is so great. I have had such peace of mind knowing that Benson and Molly are being taken care of and loved so much by someone other than us. Amazing / wonderful / helpful / and so much more. I would recommend Cindy, Megan and Melissa. Such a peace of mind knowing that the puppies are in good hands. Thank you ❣️" Annie P. November 21 & 26, 2017 via Happiness Survey

"I’m so happy that my dogs are comfortable in their own home and have allowed Melissa to care for them. My heart is very happy 😃" Michelle M. November 11, 2017 via Happiness Survey.

​"Thank you so much. I appreciate everything you did for my pets while I was away." David R. October 30, 2017 via Happiness Survey

​"So pleased and happy that my Coco had Cindy take care of her while we were gone for 10 days. Thank you for you're above and beyond efforts to make sure our little dog was taken very good care of." Kathy J. October 18, 2017 via Happiness Survey

​"We can enjoy our vacations knowing our pets are safe and being well taken care of. :)" Anne R. October 10, 2017 via Happiness Survey

"I'm so so glad we've found Cindy. My dogs are comfortable, happy and very well taken care of. I don't have to worry about them when I leave and able to enjoy our vacations!" Daniel G. October 1, 2017 via Happiness Survey

​"We are home! Gunner is happy to see us and we are happy to see him and that all is well. Thank you for taking care of him. We thoroughly enjoyed your service!" Marlene G. October 1, 2017 via Happiness Survey

"We have been using The Dog Sitter service since November 2016. I have two boxers that require a lot of attention. We love the service. Cindy (owner) and Jen are wonderful with the boxers. I love getting updates on every visit plus the pictures which assures us that they are there at the scheduled time and that the boxers are happy. The Dog sitter also does a lot of other request if needed. I highly recommend The Dog Sitter, The cost is very reasonable. I would have to spend about the same putting them in a kennel a long with a large number for other dogs. My boxer do a lot better in thier own home. The service is definitely well worth the cost." Delia T. September 24, 2017 via Happiness Survey

"The girls not only take great care of everything, but go the extra mile in storms with power outages to be sure our puppies are safe!" Meri W. September 16, 2017 via Happiness Survey

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